Closure and new beginnings

Bruce Nelson mowing the lawn.

Here we are. The eve of National Alpaca Farm Days. We are here, but Bruce, our mentor and a leader, is not. Joan and the rest of us will host one final National Alpaca Farm Days, in his honor and memory, then with sadness, Ahh Sweet Alpacas will close their gates. None of the cooperating ranches will be able to continue providing this event to our community, so we will make this weekend one to remember!

Part of the usual fall protocol for Ahh Sweet Alpacas and Integrity Alpacas & Fiber, includes fall breedings about 2 weeks after National Alpaca Farm Days. Bruce really tries to time it so there is a birth during alpaca days. In the many years that we have worked together, one of us has had a birth during this weekend.

My fall 2018 breedings have begun to drop already—

A week ago, before I was ready for the “end of the month” due dates, I sat down to the computer and saw a head and neck dangling about the legs of Senator Maddy. I gloved up and went in looking for legs. He he was too far out for me to manipulate his presentation. Clearly Maddy had been at it for a while, but aria was still breathing. The best I could do was shove lube into the canal and wait for the arrival of the first vet that answered thew phone! The lube worked as baby boy slid out in one contraction, along withe the start of the placenta. Dr. Varga examined mom and cria, and both are well one week later.


S’mores from Integrity