Realizing the goal


Just over a year ago, I redefined what I want my alpaca business to be. I began almost 5 years ago with the best guidance, and tried out all the ways a new alpaca owner experiences to see where the business fits. What I thought I wanted, was not where I wanted to be.

With careful planning, I made adjustments to my herd that allowed space and resources to “start over.” I didn’t do this alone— there are a number of supports that helped guide decisions.

The herd adjustments paralleled my quest for certification as a Master Sorter, Grader, Classer, of fiber through SUNY. I traveled, I learned, I experienced, I revisioned my plan and now it is done!


This week, I concluded my season of sorting, as a Certified Master. The last month or so has been crazy with travel to various large jobs. I’ll write another blog on the certification, and my drive to achieve it.

Back to the boys— On the return from the last Alpaca Coalition of America sort in Oregon, I brought home 10 young white males that are expected to produce a large amount of Grade 2 fiber with long staple lengths. Did I mention they are WHITE? White! I have learned a lot about fiber this year and white is amazing! Grade 2 is wonderful against the skin, makes amazing yarn, and takes up color nicely. All of the qualities support the Fiber Arts side of the business. White!

I was fortunate to bring home some that are still yearlings and they are currently quarantined in the front third of the weaning/yearling boy pen. I also brought some adult males that will join the free ranging boys in the back three acres of pasture once they finish quarantines. As the littles grow, they, too, will join the pastured adults.

Next spring, I will have a TON, not literally— but a lot, of white fiber!